curly hair extensions

curly hair extensions—A beautiful hair color is better than N good hair styles. You must get this Power Tang (Honey) color this spring.

Lead: Recently, the temperature in many places has increased rapidly. After curly hair extensions finally taking off the thick coat. You should consider not only changing the spring clothes.

But also changing the curly hair extensions with a bright color! However,to say it, you have to be cautious, cautious, and then…

Recently, the temperature in many places has increased rapidly.

After finally taking off the thick coat, you should consider not only changing the spring clothes.

But also changing the hair to a bright color!

However, to say it, you must be cautious, cautious, and cautious in dyeing hair! If the dye is right, the color is extra. If it is not dyed, the effect is almost disfigured!

How important is the choice of curly hair extensions color? Let’s take a look at the good girlfriends in a star, Kendo and Gigi’s case proof!

The two of them are like this in the daily life, that is, a bold and beautiful “beauty”.

However, in the show on the fashion week of the previous week, the two people after the hair color change, the style is sauce.

This straight down value is not enough to prove the importance of a pair of hair color to us?

So, even if it is such a perfect person whose face is already long, choose not to smack the hair color, let alone ordinary people?

Then you must ask, “What color should we dye?”.

Hey, we have helped you find one of the most popular hair colors this year.

The female stars represented by Yang Mi and Tang Yin are rushing to dye this new hair color one by one – “Power Tang (Honey Sugar) color! It is not only white, tender, but also the best choice for Asian girls’ skin color!

Honey color, also known as honey brown, listening to this name is super sweet, very suitable for the season of love “Honey color” is a combination of brown, gold and red new hair color, low-key natural, very white, Very suitable for Asian girls. The authentic “Honey Color” must meet the following three conditions:

1, brighter than brown

2, deeper than gold

3, lighter than reddish brown

The brown is too dull, the gold is too light, the reddish brown is too rich, and the “honey color” is neither golden, not brown, nor linen, but the warm color formed by the sun shining on the hair. As the big power above demonstrates, it is brighter than brown, darker than gold, with a little warm color, but not red, a little warm brown feeling is the most correct!

what? Still did not understand what color he is? It doesn’t matter, you can take the color card we prepared above and go to the barber and say “I want this color” is OK! Be sure to dye the most authentic “honey color” in order to show the whiteness and give you a good look!

Liu Shishi, who is about to get married, also put on the “Honey Candy Color” at the beginning of the year. Use it to match the white wedding dress, it must be beautiful!

Dyed with “sugar color” sugar, she looks more playful than the dark hair before, it looks more white, and it is more mellow with her own sweet temperament!

Recently, Zhiling’s sister followed the group of flowers! Can and the “small fresh meat” Li Zhiting mad dog in front of the camera, but also must be only the old face of Zhiling sister, we only accept it! The reason why Zhiling’s sister can always maintain the girl’s sense, “Honey Candy Color” plays a role in it can not be underestimated!

A few days ago, Lin Yun also dyed this new hair color when he went to Fashion Week. With the hair of the ball and the hair scattered at the ear, it is fashionable and cute.

Naza uses honey color to match Half-Bun, which brings the latest fashion into one, so don’t want it!

How can a baby who is a fashion vane miss this new fashion? She also dyed “honey color” early, and the whole person looked sweet and dead!